Puritan Bakery
“Best Buns in Town”
The Best Buns in Town on conveyor

The Best Buns in Town on conveyor

What is Puritan Bakery’s secret to
baking the “Best Buns in Town”?

It is our commitment to baking buns the old fashioned way—the way you would if you were making bread from scratch at home. Because of this commitment, we still use a sponge and dough process rather than the faster and cheaper brew dough, straight dough, or modified sponge systems. Our sponge and dough process takes 7 hours from start to finish; like a good wine, we allow the dough enough time to realize its full richness and taste. Other systems are designed to bypass the extensive time and expense that the sponge and dough process requires, but Puritan believes the best things are still worth waiting for.

We are the only California bakery offering a true sponge and dough process. The difference between a true sponge and dough process and any other system is in the product. Our buns will stand up on the grill, and will not fall apart when the buns are full of meat juices, dressing and condiments. You can feel a difference. Puritan buns hold together and do not flake like other bakeries’ buns. You can smell a difference, and most important, you can taste a difference. Just remember, the first thing you taste when eating a hamburger is the bun Why not make it the best?

Our commitment to baking the “Best Buns in Town” does not end with the sponge and dough process. Puritan’s process starts by using the finest natural ingredients available. We have an extensive quality control program that tests the ingredients to guarantee their quality. We have the latest equipment and technology designed specifically for Puritan Bakery, which enables us to make our product the old fashioned way. We also have an extensive Quality Control Department to make certain that each bun stands up to our standards. Not only do we test our ingredients, but we also have two QC employees sorting buns before they go into the wrapper, two employees putting the buns on the trays, and one QC employee looking at the finished product. After going through all of these quality control points, our buns still have to get by the critical eye of our driver/salesman.

Truly, at Puritan Bakery it all comes down to one word—quality. More than just a word, quality comes from hard work, people committed as a team to making that extra effort, and our commitment to the old-fashioned sponge and dough. All of these translate into the “Best Buns in Town”.

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