Puritan Bakery
“Best Buns in Town”

Hamburger Buns

Not only are our hamburger buns absolutely delicious, they are specially designed to stand up on the grill and will not fall apart when full of meat juices, dressings and condiments. Our daily baked hamburger buns are available in a variety of sizes and styles.

White Buns - Wheat Buns - Yellow Buns - Specialty Buns

Bun 4in Plain Bun 4in Wheat
Bun 4in Seeded Hamburger Bun 4

Gourmet Buns

Bun 4 5.In Gourmet Gourmet Wheat Bun (4)
Gourmet Onion Bun Gourmet Poppy Bun

And Many More Buns!

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